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Get well-trained by a 7-figure Amazon seller today and master the skills to become a successful Amazon Virtual Assistant!


Meet Ahmed Charkaoui – a successful seven-figure Amazon seller from UK and founder of GetHired Freelance Academy. With over 15 virtual assistants working for him, Ahmed has expanded his business across multiple marketplaces. He’s trained over a thousand virtual assistants and built an online training academy to provide quality training and value for all aspiring Amazon Virtual Assistants. His dedication to his students, combined with his deep understanding of the Amazon industry, makes Ahmed the go-to person for anyone looking to start and grow in their Amazon VA journey.


 This 4-week comprehensive training program offers aspiring virtual assistants the opportunity to learn A-Z of Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, Admin Tasks and Purchasing Management Tasks. With a focus on practical skills and hands-on experience, this program prepares students for the real-world challenges of working as amazon virtual assistant.

Amazon Online Arbitrage

Learn how to use the tools necessary in Online Arbitrage business and master various sourcing methods that will help you find profitable deals.

Introduction to Amazon Online Arbitrage

How to use Keepa and read keepa graphs

How to use SellerAmp SAS 

How to use Sellertool Kit

How to deal with IP Claims 

How to source using Manual Sourcing,Keepa Reverse Sourcing, Storefront Stalking, Tactical Arbitrage, Brand Sourcing and MORE!

Amazon Wholesale

Understand the process of analyzing profitable products and finding legitimate wholesalers. Through proven strategies, you will gain the skills to connect with wholesalers and establish long-term relationships with them.

Introduction to Amazon Wholesale

How to source products

How to analyze products 

Finding wholesalers or distributors 

How to contact wholesalers 

How to get ungated for categories and products

Admin Task

Discover the effective ways to help the business get organized by collecting invoices, checking inventory and resolving prep issues and shipment issues.

Introduction to Amazon Admin Tasks

How to collect invoices

How to fix prep issues

How to do shipment reconciliation

How to do inventory reconciliation

Introduction to Amazon

Purchase Management

Explore the factors to consider when identifying good deals, how to evaluate and contact suppliers and purchasing process
                      How to analyze deals
                  How to contact suppliers
                    How to do replenishing
      How to identify and purchase good deals



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This course includes:

– Free one month access to tools such as KEEPA and SELLER AMP SAS

– Free access to Amazon Virtual Assistant full course

– Access to cash flow management written course

– Access to unlimited live training

– Lifetime access to all videos made with previous classes

– Lifetime Support

– Exclusive Live Mastermind session with Filipino and Pakistani every 2 weeks

– Certificate of Completion

– Promotion to client in our private Facebook group


PHP 6,799

PHP 5,599


Unlock your potential and start your freelance career with the guidance of a successful Amazon Seller!

Look at these amazing people who started with 0 knowledge but now sharing their success stories of becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant!

Jenelyn Cortez


In early November, I messaged coach Ahmed Charkaoui on Facebook, hoping that he had a vacant virtual job position that I could apply for. Unfortunately, he is not hiring at the moment; instead, he offered me his training course. I did not enroll immediately because I was honestly hesitant at that moment, and aside from that, I was planning to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), which was way more of a priority for me at that time. Moving forward to January 2023, I finally decided to enroll in Sir Ahmed Charkaoui Academy. I was thinking of sacrificing my priority of taking the LET exam in return for enrolling in this academy. At that moment, I am so sure of myself that I must enroll in this course. True enough, I did not regret sacrificing one thing that is also important to me because I was once reading the testimonials and I was once saying, “SANA ALL” (I hope everyone) got the job. Now, those “SANA ALL” turned into “YEYYY! I GOT THE JOB!” because I took a step that was worth sacrificing. This academy is worth the sacrifices. On January 31, 2023, I graduated from this academy. On February 1, 2023, around 6 p.m., I applied for a job and was scheduled for an interview at 8p.m (12 p.m.UK Time) for more or less 30 minutes, those “SANA ALL” turned into “CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO THE TEAM.” At that very moment, I cannot explain the joy that I felt. I was like floating in the air. So much gratefulness to Sir Ahmed Charkaoui for his kindness, and support, and for sharing his knowledge with us his students. So much gratitude to my client for trusting me and being part of his team. So much gratefulness to the Lord for making this happen( being able to meet coach Ahmed Charkaoui) as a way for learning more about the job and getting a client. THANK YOU SIR Ahmed Charkaoui your academy is worth the sacrifice, and worth our time in learning more deeply from the course.

Ralph Ganayo


I would just like to share my story and to inspire those who doesn’t have any experience like me as an Amazon Virtual Assistant who is struggling to get a client. When I saw the Get Hired Academy and joined the facebook group, I saw that there are many clients who are looking for VAs that was trained by Coach Ahmed that’s why I didn’t hesitate to enroll with his program. I am so grateful to have gone through the Get Hired Academy and to have had the opportunity to learn from Coach Ahmed. His program and training gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue my dream of becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant. After completing the training, I immediately started applying for work. I was overwhelmed when I received messages from clients directly asking if I was available for work. Although I failed multiple interviews, I was determined to achieve my goal. Fortunately, within a week of completing the program, I was hired by a client. I couldn’t believe someone would hire me, even though I had no experience. To all those out there who are looking for their first client but don’t have any experience, I would like to encourage you to remain confident, believe in yourself, and study the training materials. With hard work and dedication, you will be able to reach your goal.

A R Sierda Medina-Rojo


It was January while I am scrolling on my newsfeed I saw this Academy of Sir Ahmed Charkaoui , look into the testimonials and even search those people and chatted them for legitimacy. I even message sir Ahmed and to my surprise he immediately respond and always available whenever I ask questions. Sir Ahmed is so generous guy that he always thinks of what’s the best for his students.. This academy is the Best! I have enrolled in so many paid training courses so I can say that in here you will learn a lot! and as the name says Get Hired Academy , when you finish the course and you feel you are confident enough to work with client, just in one posting in the fb page of coach Ahmed many clients will message you…No struggle here in terms of client.. So for those who are observing here don’t hesitate to enroll I guarantee you this is worth paying..

Stey Fanee


Before i knew Sir Ahmed Charkaoui , i already enrolled in another VA course, it’s too pricey but I took the risk because i want to learn skills about being a virtual assistant. But to my dismay after i finishing the course they will not assist you in finding a client, regrets big time! Then i joined VA groups on Facebook, there I saw a comment mentioning sir Ahmed course,again even with hesitation i took the risk again,i don’t want to give up since i already invested so i want to pursue that dream of mine. Sir Ahmed’s training was the best. I owe him my confidence,skills and knowledge. If not because of sir ahmed maybe i will not continue in this career. Being a VA is not easy but as a student of sir ahmed every worries , difficulties and doubt fades away. You will not hesitate because he will guide and assist you every time. If you feel down he is there boosting your confidence to the highest so you will not feel like you are left behind. Thank you so much sir, Jazakallahu khair.

Hubert Tolod


Since 2021 ive been fascinated by how amazon fba do. Been researching it since then. But early january I research deep to find tutorials and how to start to become a virtual assistant and become a seller after. So scrolling on facebook with a bunch of overpriced courses and just the same curriculum i managed to come across a group where they only hire VAs from sir Ahmed’s academy. So I researched and all infos are too good to be true. Getting hired right after training for a low cost course? I was like, no its not true. But sir Ahmed’s name popped up again on another group saying that he’s a successful amazon seller training VA for his community. So i was like, maybe its true i have to check it out. Messaged him and some other students to check if its legit. One student replied and said its very good but still in the course so he doesnt have a job yet. And sir Ahmed replied to me and said some things that no other coaches ever told me and thats where i was convinced that he is determined to teach his students. And i enrolled and guys im telling you, i sound so unrealistic but YOU’LL NEVER KNOW IF YOU WONT TRY. All i have to say is, clients are MESSAGING ME when i posted that i came from his program. Thank you coach for this opportunity!

Jonna Gallardo


Prior to pursuing freelance career, i worked for 5 years in corporate world. for the longest time, doing freelance job has been on my mind as i saw a lot of potential in this path and also i believe work-from-home setup is perfect fit for my personality. but along with this decision comes a challenge of where to begin my journey and how to do it in the most efficient way possible. some of challenges are choosing the niche (VA world is so broad y’all, if you’ve got zero idea of this career you’d surely be overwhelmed at the start). once you’ve chosen the niche now where to begin? surely yah youtube/google helps but until at what point? that’s when i decided to look for a mentor. now the problem is there’s too many academy offering courses and it can be so overwhelming to choose. i once tried a local academy (different niche) but somehow it didn’t satisfy me. so i looked for more, i joined lots of groups, interacted with lots of people in this field until i saw a comment with a handsome romanian in picture. (to that student who commented i didn’t get the profile, big thanks to you whoever you are). to cut the story short i enrolled to coach ahmed’s academy. one of the things i really appreciate is the vibe coach ahmed is radiating, very approachable and friendly and would make you feel welcome and seen. but that’s not the best part yet, his lessons/coaching are way better than any academy i have seen. imagine a coaching live sessions with every batch where we can ask questions freely and the lessons are in-depth coming from a seller himself. plus bonus informative videos. now that’s what a real academy is. but the REAL best part? REFERRAL TO DIRECT CLIENT. need i say more? yes there’s more actually! even if you already have client he will not disregard you if you need help. gaining a client is not end the story, it’s a start of another journey and he’s still there to help. still everything else depends on our mindset, at the end of the day we must not forget to take responsibility of our actions. we can control our destiny and whoever we associate ourself with influences our character. so BIG THANKS to coach Ahmed and team, such a blessing to aspiring VAs. would recommend 100% !!!


To empower aspiring Amazon virtual assistants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to excel in the freelance industry, driving their success and transforming their lives.

At GetHired Freelance Academy, we are committed to providing comprehensive and practical training by leveraging the expertise of Coach Ahmed, a 7-figure Amazon seller, to ensure our students are equipped with the tools and insights necessary to thrive in their VA careers.

Through our proven effective approach and personalized guidance, we strive to nurture a community of highly skilled freelancers who are sought after by Amazon seller clients.

Our mission is to create opportunities, foster growth, and enable our students to achieve financial independence and a fulfilling professional life in the dynamic world of e-commerce.


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